Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey Look, It's a Picture!

So other than the contest photo, my posts have been lacking pictures lately. I am happy to say I have remedied this. This is my first chunky chain necklace, and it will go up on etsy very soon. The necklace name is Violet Fire, and I am pleasantly surprised with the end result. I may do more chunky chain necklaces before the trend is over ;)

I am also very excited and wigged out at the same time. I just paid my lawyer to get my business up and running. Wednesday Night Accessories will now be a legitimate company, and I already have an application in for the Port Washington Pirate Festival June 5-7, 2009 I'm also looking at other craft shows/art fairs/street festivals as this is where I have made most of the money (De Monet, De Monet) in the past, face to face. I will continue to sell online, whether it be my own site or through etsy. I've been given some good ideas on how to market bookmarks, thanks Gunda and Aunt Dar, I know what market I have to be super careful with when designing, thanks Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and thanks to my family and friends who have been encouraging and supportive. Although I'm sounding like I won the Oscars, I am sincere in my thanks. It's so easy to dream and even easier to dismiss those dreams because of scenario A, or situation B, or what if Z. I always say "Don't lie on your deathbed with regrets", now it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is. And I didn't even quote Mel Brooks that time ;)

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Mrsblocko said...

girl...I'm really digging on the chunky chain. (And I'm not even a fan of the chunky trend.)Those big purple beads are the coolest.