Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...And he can solder too

In my last post, I thanked my friend Mrs Blocko for all the help she gave me Saturday with ankle bells, and she is coming again tomorrow for more sweat shop work. While I try to be thankful to those that have helped, I haven't mentioned how much my husband has done for me. Besides the support and care, he has built me a rack for my ankle bells, and whipped out his mad soldering skills ad soldered jump rings closed so my hair sticks are secure. He built a new website for me http://www.wednesdaynightaccessories.com/ which I have yet to advertise or utilize, but once the pirate fest is over, watch out baby!

Thank you James for everything you have done, said, and overlooked so I can make this hope a reality. I love you :D

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James said...

I do what I can. :) I love you too.

Now get to work. ;)