Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Close, but no cigar

My husband, James, has owed me some cool photo equipment for our anniversary about two months now. It finally came in the mail, and one of the lights doesn't work. We have tested it out and it's not the bulb, so back to ThinkGeek it goes. We haven't had a problem with them in the past, and I'm sure this will get taken care of with no issues, but it was right there, I had it in my hand and now it's gone :( I am still not feeling it, but I really want to be. Trying to get back on the horse, but even the horse seems uninterested. A few days of rummaging in the beads may help, so I'm going to try that out.

Anyway, here is the set up from ThinkGeek

Once I get and test the new one out I will have to post pics. Wish me luck ;)

Listening to: Karunesh - Call of the Mystic

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