Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I need a big loan from the girl zone

I need warm fuzzies today. Still no sales, so I am down. Any advice on generating more exposure to buyers? Barring that, any advice on something to keep my spirits up while I watch the views on etsy rack up with no sales to show for them? Help a girl out please ;)


readhead said...

Some people have a ton a tags for their wares on etsy. For your Green and Gold wavy oval necklace set you could use the tags, glass, green, gold, fall, etc.

When searching on etsy myself, I usually just do a very broad search. Such as, for my cousin's wedding I have been searching for: wedding, pink, pink wedding, pink pearls. Having more tags might bring more traffic to your wares which might equal more sales.


MrsThunder said...

I have been adding more tags, thanks for the advice, and I finally gbot my first sale, I think it was the tags :)