Saturday, April 18, 2009

Artsy or Fartsy?

Things have been rolling fast for me since I went to the lawyer. I'm waiting for a confirmation for , I've been invited to a gem and jewelry show Memorial Day weekend (thanks Om!), I'm looking at a few shows for the fall, I have been getting more compliments and passing out cards, and I finally have a genuine sale on . The gem and jewelry show looks to be promising, but I may have to rethink some of my materials. Although I'm not allergic to using sterling, I certainly can see the value of using affordable materials to reach a wider range of people.

I was on a beading magazine forum for a while, and while I made some nice online friends and found there (Russ is super), I found a large group of Always/Never people. Let me explain what I mean...

Fancy Nancy: I Only use Swarovski crystals and Sterling silver in my work
Snooty Rudy: I Never Ever use pewter spacers, they're cheap
Maddening Martha: I Always make All of my own everything, and if you don't you're lazy

OK, so the names have been grossly exaggerated, but you see what I mean. I ran into that A LOT, where the artisan who didn't use the materials or techniques that were thought appropriate by the always/never crowd were chided. It got so bad in there sometimes that arguments started in one thread spilled over into three or more other threads (like the fight scene in Blazing Saddles). It really gave my poor little ego a blow, and I finally left the forum. I haven't vowed against using precious metals and gemstones, but I do tend to get defensive when I hear someone use always, never, or only when they start talking about their work.

So what is your opinion? Do you appreciate artisans who can recognize the needs of their customers (and their wallets) or do you prefer to have value placed on your jewelry via the materials? In other words, do you dig the jewelry for the look, or for the things it's made of, or a little of both?

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Mrsblocko said...

I think it really depends on what you want the necklace for. I think if I was buying a necklace for a special occasion, like ones own wedding or even prom, I'd probably want the materials to be made out of something that wasnt going to tarnish or peel. If the jewelery was purchased just because I liked the way it looked I wouldnt care what it was made of.