Saturday, May 30, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

Oh My Goodness! It's been so crazy at WNA Command Central that I haven't been able to get much of anything done besides make jewelry and spend money on supplies. The gem show came and went, with very little sales but something just as great, exposure. I had a great time there, and I'm looking forward to the next one. So many wonderful things to look at, and so many knowledgeable folks willing to take the time and explain about this geode or that gemstone or this technique. Thanks to Aum and Betty!

This weekend coming up is the Port Washington Pirate Festival. I am really trying to get on the ball with this show, have enough product, make decent displays, keep a good balance between cost, etc. Katie is at grandma's coincidentally, which helps me to get ready, but this show crept up on me, so I feel unprepared. Yes, I was hoping and hoping for this, but the confirmation came after the figuring on being rejected, so when I was accepted, I went into tornado mode and have stayed there. It isn't necessarily baptism by fire, but this is the biggest show I have done, and with the least amount of prep time. My song for the next week or so will be " I Have Confidence" from The Sound of Music. Hopefully next week's song will be " You Did It" from My Fair Lady ;)

Thanks to my sweat shop girl, Mrs Blocko! She came over and helped me crank out some great ankle bells. You are the bestest!


Mrsblocko said...

no prob girly. anytime! ...and if anyone is wondering, she isnt a good sweatshop boss. She let me go to the bathroom several times and fed me nummy fondue.

what I wanna know is what happens if instead of "You did it" it's Britney's "If you seek Amy"? ;)

MrsThunder said...

If you seek Amy, she will be at the pirate fest this weekend ;)

I'll have to clue my mom in on what that song is and means, on the other hand, perhaps it;s best if I don't ;)