Monday, November 17, 2008

Things I can't do while crafting

Now that I have utilized my craft room a bit more I have felt a bit more energy creatively. There are things that I do that will hinder the creative process, so while crafting I try and avoid these.

Eating Sunflower Seeds - I have a problem. There is no twelve step program for sunflower seed addicts, no group therapy, no patch. I have come to embrace my addiction and make it my own. This being said, I can't craft worth a darn while eating them. between constantly taking the shells out of my mouth and then having wet fingers, Sunflower seed eating doesn't happen while crafting, thus keeping my jewelry and costumes slobber free and the customers are very happy for this ;)

Talking on the phone - My best friend has this knack for doing everything with the phone crooked between shoulder and ear. I can't do this. I have tried and tried, I've had a shoulder rest, this didn't help. The only thing that seems to work is a headset and I always buy cheap ones that don't work well, etc. I'm left giving the caller my undivided attention until I can find a headset that really works and comfortable and inexpensive all at the same time, no easy task.

Watching TV - I keep trying to find the perfect craft - one that lets me watch TV while crafting. We don't have TV trays, and that would seem awkward to me to use, and I can't stand lap desks, and when I thought "Oh, I will take up macrame again" I found I can only really do this on a flat surface. Crocheting is not going well, I need to find a person I can look at while crocheting to see what I'm doing wrong. I suspect too tight a stitch though. I think Ive also discovered that I tend to watch the TV and stop crafting. Recently, Ive been trying to find a way to get satellite to work in my craft room. we have more televisions that humans in the house although only two are connected to the satellite. I may hook up a DVD player and see if I can work without turning to look at the TV, but I'm not placing any wagers on the success of that experiment.

Listening to music on the headphones - I adore music. If I am out I will have my headphones on, but I find that they distract me if I am in the house. I don't know if they keep me distant from the family, or I feel more closed in, or what, but if I had my way the entire house would be wired with speakers. I have also found that my headphone wire has come dangerously close to getting snipped while I craft, so there is that as well.

Sewing with footwear on - Footwear is the devil. My mom never wore shoes in the house, not even slippers, and I have followed in her bare footsteps. Now, I know the health benefits of wearing shoes in the house, but I can't seem to get myself to do it. And if I sit down at the sewing machine with shoes, it's as if the shoes are made of kryptonite. I simply can't sew a stitch until I get the one shoe off. I may be able to sew in socks, but usually that comes off too. I don't know if it's the sensation of touch that I need, but I do know that me and my child both use our feet as alternate hands. I pick up everything with my toes, and my daughter would hold my finger in her toes as a baby, like the monkey she is.

What vice do you love that hinders you from doing what you love, what distracts you during your creativity?

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Mrsblocko said...

ok so i think the reason you cant watch tv while you craft is that you watch geek tv. Tv that requires you to think or is too interesting is distracting for me as well. I can only cross stitch while watching reality tv or sit coms. I cant watch my favorite shows while doing anything. even if im rewatching them on dvd!

I cannot use a sewing machine with shoes on either. The same goes for the piano. It just feels wrong to use the pedal with shoes on.

oh, I can only multi-task so far. I cannot craft, talk on the phone and watch tv at the same time.

I would have to say the biggest thing that i love that is the most distracting factor to my creativity is the offspring. I rarely get anything crafty done while she is awake.

MrsThunder said...

Mrs Blocko has called me out, I do watch geek TV. Iv'e been called a TV snob, and although I don't mean to, I suppose I am. I have watched the occasional trash TV, but give me a documentary over reality or celeb TV any day ;)