Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life Lessons From Mrs Thunder or Don't Be Me

Life Lesson #1: When going to the zoo on a perfectly sunny Spring day, make sure to A: wear sunscreen and B: Don't wear jewelry that is going to leave a tan line. Mrs Thunder, you should have learned this lesson from the countless times your husband was wearing a dew rag and had a tan line across his forehead. ( Can you guess which necklace gave me this mark? hint: it's somewhere on this blog. Mrs Blocko isn't allowed to guess as she and hers were with that day)

Life Lesson #2: Crafting is to be done sitting upright in a chair and never ever on the floor, especially for an extended length of time. It is really silly to do crafts on the floor if one does not like to sit on the floor to begin with, let alone for the time it takes to make a super duper long necklace. Please make sure not to sit on the floor while doing crafts ( I mean you Mrs Thunder).
Listening To: Machine Head - Beautiful Mourning, The Blackening


Mrsblocko said...

duuuude. I hope you put some aloe on it...that looks REEEEEAlly painful.

MrsThunder said...

It looked much worse than it was, but now I have a funky tan line from the shirt. good thing it's gardening season and I will wear a lot of spaghetti straps.