Friday, February 13, 2009

Look Who's in the 21st Century!

Long, long ago in a lifetime far, far away I was pretty savvy when it came to electronics, or at least I thought so. I could figure out how this appliance or that cd player worked with very little if no instruction , and I wasn't afraid of new tech gadgets. Fast forward to the present day. I have a good grasp on computer basics, and I can navigate the internet well (although I still use Yahoo! to browse). It's the new stuff, like blogging, myspace, facebook, that I am hung up on. I do blog now, Captain Obvious said, and I am just now wading in the waters of Facebook. I just don't know where I went from I Can Do It Myself to Hey Honey Can You Come Here A Second. I tried an all out assault on the internet and got so confused I did nothing. Apparently baby steps into social networking is my best bet. Baby steps aren't my forte. Maybe I can find a new patience download. Wonder how much hard drive space patience takes? ;)
Listening To: Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance (from The Opposite Side of the Sea)
PS Thank Rudy for spellcheck ;) ( Ask Bill Cosby who Rudy is)

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