Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Trend or Not to Trend, That is the Question

I haven't been creative lately save for the bookmarks, and I have been feeling the drain that it causes. The craft room slowly became a shambles, so I am cleaning it up again in anticipation of working in it. I have girly music on the mp3 player, a cool smelly candle, and diet coke so I'm good to go. Even when I am not crafting, I still watch the jewelry trends, and the one that has caught my eye is lots of big chain. I like the look, but I haven't utilized any chain in my own design. I haven't been drawn to try either. I also know there is at least one woman out there who can't stand the look. I watch channel 9 news in Chicago in the morning and at noon (LOVE them) and naturally I look at what kind of jewelry the women wear, and chains have been a big pat of their accessories. The play their voice mails, and this woman was very harsh with her criticism of the look. I like it, I just can't seem to find the desire to follow trends. I just do what the beads tell me to ;)

What about you? Do you follow trends, whether it be shoes, jewelry, food, etc, do you stick to what you know, or are you your own trend setter?

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