Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hobby Lobby (and Bankruptcy) Here I Come!

My husband, James, like many of us, is facing lay offs with his company. He may find himself dodging the bullet, under the radar, among the survivors, or whatever phrase you want to use for being able to keep his job. In the meantime, I am trying to gather applications. I say trying as the few places Ive gone to have all said they are out of applications. One such place is Hobby Lobby. This would be my absolute first choice in retail, where I think I can find something faster and I might not have to explain away my 5 year absence from the work force. I'm sure you can guess my problem with working at Hobby Lobby, and that is my potential lack of take home pay. I mean, does a recovering alcoholic take a job as a bartender, does someone that attends gambling addiction meetings choose to live next to the casino?

So would you want to work in an environment where the temptation to spend your paycheck is a reality, or would you be happy enough to have a job you could enjoy and sock your money away like you are supposed to? ;)

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MrsThunder said...

Whew, James was able to keep his job. We are thankful :)