Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's start at the very beginning...

I could say that my foray into making jewelry started with an old boyfriend, but that's not exactly accurate. My grandmother started me out with macrame, in fact all of my crafting is due to her. I spent summers out in rural Iowa and she taught me how to sew, how to follow a recipe, gardening, chores, etc. I owe her much, and didn't really understand until well into my adult years. My 4 year old is following in her footsteps, though, and adores bird watching, gardening, playing outside, and all things nature.

It was an old boyfriend that really lit the jewelry making fire. Back in '95 we went to a shop owned by a couple of hippies and that store was heaven to me. I was introduced to my now favorite scent of incense - Nag Champa, the owners were awesome, and they had a large stash of beads, etc. The boyfriend thought putting together his own jewelry was a great idea and bought enough to make a necklace. He was so proud of that piece, and I slowly started making jewelry with him. Soon after we broke up but I was hooked. I've been making jewelry ever since and loving it.

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