Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Name Game

When my husband and I were expecting, we decided that I should stay at home. Lots of factors went into this, but one of them was money. It would cost me just as much to go to work as to stay at home. I didn't mind but for the issue of whose money was it then. He reassured me that it would be ours, and I could spend how I needed to. Even so, I wanted to bring in a bit of cash. I thought of selling jewelry at craft shows, and quickly came up with the name Wednesday Night Accessories, because at the time my best friend and I had been getting together on Wednesday evenings to make jewelry together. I had hoped she would join in a business venture with me, but life happened to both of us and her husband was facing the possibility of having to move for his job while I faced a difficult pregnancy and recovery. I made the motions of starting a home based jewelry business, but went nowhere with it. I let my tax ID lapse, and didn't think about it for a while.

When I picked up the notion to make jewelry again as a business, I was faced with a dilemma. I knew that Wednesday Night Accessories was a long name, but couldn't come up with anything else that I could relate to. On the good advice of a friend, I didn't go with anything too cutesy, but I am a storyteller, and needed to have my name have meaning. I finally gave in, going with my feelings, and took Wednesday Night Accessories again as my business name. Wednesday Night Accessories fits well with the type of jewelry I create, my best friend points out, it's casual and fun, not stuffy and stand offish. I love hanging out with the girls, and I love seeing them wear necklaces that I've made or even better, they have made while at my house. Wednesday nights are a time to unwind and face the rest of the week with good friends, and my jewelry fits right in with that feeling :D
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