Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marketing Schmarketing or The Reluctant Blogger

Back in the day, I was a leasing agent for some pretty swanky high rise apartments. I loved that job. I loved that life. I happen to love James more, and moved out to the suburbs, married him and had Katie. The thing about living in the burbs is that I've switched gears, and I'm having a hard time finding my niche in the handmade jewelry industry. I can market someone else's product with the best of them, but never felt too comfortable chatting myself up. I am definitely working on that as it's only the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, but it is hard to throw yourself out there. Ive passed out a few business cards, chatted frequently on Etsy, made sure I didn't walk out of the house with a naked neck, and started blogging. There are other tools on Etsy I can use, and I'm looking into those avenues. I've come up with one solution that I hope works.

there are several small salons in the immediate area, and I am hoping they will allow me to leave a small portfolio of my work and some business cards, a brag book if you will. These pieces will be examples only of my work, but if I still have the piece available I will certainly sell it. Folks can go online and purchase, or if they want it right away, I should be able to deliver it to the salon. I don't want to leave jewelry directly at the salons as I've had bad luck with consignment. Craft shows are a possibility, but the market is so flooded with jewelers and with no van I have to get choosy about which ones to participate in, also taking my family's schedule into consideration.

I'm sure there are lots of great ideas on how to get my name out there, and improve my game - please share :D

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